Honey Tap is the sweet fruit of two musicians in love with dancey rhythms and soulful vocals. The founders insist on creative freedom – to fly from flower to flower, collecting the nectar and making music. Their style is a tapestry of the band’s multi-cultural roots, American upbringing, and a love for live performance.


“Every part of me wants to play music. There is something to love and to learn from in every style,” says lead singer, Noa Belillti. “Claiming one genre is too limiting. ”


They began boldly writing tunes in other languages with global nuances not normally found in the standard American Pop, Funk, RnB, or Soul genres.


The band is now a 7-piece project and growing. They often invite other musicians to feature in their live shows, keeping the sound organic and audience members on their toes.


"People just want to dance," according to lead guitarist, Sam Espinosa, "So I'm interested in making them do that." 


In 2017 they debuted a self-titled EP that opened with the song “If it Ain’t Got Soul.” It set a bar for the members of the project and affirmed their desire to present deeply resonant content.


Their first music video, “Mama,” debuted days before Mother’s Day in 2018 and earned 30,000 Facebook views in the first week.


Honey Tap began recording their first full-length album in 2019 and is currently in the process of its completion. The album is set to release Summer 2020.

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